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Government: the problem, or the solution to the problem?

Last week I went to the “Thinking Forward, Thinking Big” progressive wonkfest hosted by the Economic Policy Institute, Demos, The American Prospect, and the Institute for America’s Future. The predominant message of the day was that an effective, activist government must function to enhance the common good. Having seen the self-destruction of free market theory, [...]

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One Woman

Written by MOTHERS volunteer Kelly Coyle DiNorcia Many of us who read this blog are aware of the statistics. Women make less money than men for equal work. Their lifetime earnings are significantly lower than that of men, on average. They are at significantly higher risk for falling into poverty than men.Blah, blah, blah. These [...]

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Married, With Children

Contributed by MOTHERS volunteer and guest blogger Rosanne Weston.Stephanie Coontz, a history professor and expert on historical and contemporary marriage, reported in an article published last week that at least 25 recent studies have shown children to be detrimental to marital health. That’s not children in general, mind you; it’s our own kids, our very [...]

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Shovel-Ready Isn’t Enough

I spent most of the weekend watching debate in the Senate on the stimulus bill, or listening to people talk about the debate on the stimulus bill. I know I am suffering from stimulus bill overload, but before I go stick my head in an ice bucket, I want to make the following points. First, [...]

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To Market, To Market……

I am still thinking about the stimulus plan, and the role “market forces” played in making this mess. In recent years, many thought the economy worked best when it was left to its own devices, free of federal regulation or oversight. The laws of supply and demand would work harmoniously and all would prosper, corporate, [...]

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