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No News is NOT Good News

Two weeks ago President Obama created the White House Council for Women and Girls. He publicly signed the Executive Order before representatives of dozens of women’s advocacy groups who gathered in the East Room by invitation only, to control an otherwise massive turnout. The White House issued a press release. The President took the podium [...]

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Happy Birthday, Gloria!

Gloria Steinem reaches the commanding age of 75 this month. The following extracts from a speech she made in May, 2007, show the conceptual link between feminism and the mothers’ movement. “And most of all, maybe the vast unpaid area of care giving — whether that means raising children or caring for the ill and [...]

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Now let me get this straight. AIG employees put their clients’ money in shoddy investment products, doing their part to plunge the economy into a degree of chaos not seen for decades. Taxpayers, (having lost their homes, their retirement savings, and now their lunch) anted-up a gazillion dollars to keep the firm from cratering in [...]

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Family Leave Insurance Bill Rises Again

This just in from our Washington Bureau…..Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey of California intends to introduce her paid family leave bill, called the FIRST Act, in a few days. The bill provides grants to states who implement a paid family leave insurance program. Maybe this time the bill won’t land on the marble floor of Congress with [...]

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White House Council on Women and Girls

Last week the President announced the formation of the White House Council on Women and Girls. This is a very high level group comprised of Cabinet Secretaries and the directors of numerous federal agencies. Acknowledging the contributions of women to society, the President intends the council to coordinate a federal response to the issues they [...]

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Economic Stimulus Bill’s Impact on Women and Their Families

Written Guest Blogger and Mothers Center member Linda ManeyPresident Obama has signed the stimulus bill into law. The economic rescue package, known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the “Act”), is designed to ‘jump-start’ the economy. The Act addresses many issues of concern for women and children. Such issues include early education, [...]

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