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What’s New in the Motherhood?

Nearly 4 out of 10 babies are born to unmarried women. Have today’s teenaged girls run completely amok? Not so. The sudden spike in unwed motherhood is driven by the increasing number of women in their 20′s and 30′s who are choosing to become mothers without a husband on board. The trend is seen by [...]

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We are #1 – Not!

The United States has held on to 27th place in an index of 158 countries documenting conditions for mothers throughout the world. Mothers’ education, access to health care, and economic status in each country were evaluated because they are the three factors most closely linked to the quality of children’s lives. The underlying data is [...]

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The New York Times Should Have Talked to Us

Researchers note that the pay gap between men and women M.B.A.’s has not narrowed as anticipated now that women are just as likely to get graduate degrees and comparable training. The New York Times reports that the culprit is not “a glass ceiling molded from a male prejudice”. No, the reason M.B.A. women don’t go [...]

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