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Women & Workplace Violations – Exploiting Us All

The (Wo)man in Washington is always looking for ways to level the playing field for women. After all, the structure of our society and economy impacts men and women in different ways, and it is not accidental. Women, especially those with children, make up the majority of those in poverty for a reason – the [...]

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100 Best Companies for Family Friendly Policies – Really?

Working Mother magazine has just hit the desk, and the cover trumpets the annual listing of 100 Best Companies for working mothers and other caregivers. The implicit message is that American business acknowledges the value of workers with caregiving responsibilities, and is happily adopting workplace practices to enhance their effectiveness at both the work and [...]

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Childbirth as a Pre-Existing Condition

The National Women’s Law Center report “Nowhere to Turn: How the Individual Health Insurance Market Fails Women” exposes the use of gender ratings and “pre-existing conditions” to make healthcare more costsly for women and deny them necessary services. The report states, in part: Insurance companies can reject applicants for health coverage for a variety of [...]

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Kim Clijsters, Motherhood & Feminism

From the New York Times about Kim Clijsters winning the Women’s Singles US Open Championship after having a baby 18 months ago: “The Clijsters narrative is not just about an underdog’s comeback, but about the dreamy, irresistible illusion the 1970s wrought: the fantasy that women can be all things, the idealized mother and the brilliant [...]

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Women and Healthcare – We’ve Got More Skin In The Game

It’s tempting to just screen out all the noise and hoopla about healthcare reform. The TV glows with dozens of “experts” nattering on and on. Newspapers are full of charts and graphs. One group yells, another group yells louder. It would be easy to shrug your shoulders, say it’s a mess, and look away. It [...]

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