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Haitian Relief through a Gender Lens

Your (Wo)man in Washington has been casting her eye beyond the Beltway, to the crisis in Haiti. Gender matters, it would appear, in every country, in every situation. Aid workers find that women are uniquely placed to make relief efforts more effective. Our friends at Global Mama from Girl W/Pen put up the original post, [...]

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Free Riding on Families – Part Two

In my last post, I mentioned that there was a detectable change in attitude towards family carework. By way of example, note the regular featuring of economist Nancy Folbre in the New York Times “Economix” blog. The media’s increased sensitivity is also evident in the high profile enjoyed by Maria Shriver’s “A Woman’s Nation” project. [...]

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Free Riding on Women – Part One

When you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the whacked-out wonk world which is Washington, you pick up on the wind shifts quickly. The topic of carework, what it costs and who’s paying, is popping up more often and in increasingly provocative language these days. Lately I’ve been looking at “Free Riding on Families: [...]

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I Will Not Apologize for Being a Mother

Ginger Garner, MOTHERS supporter, has some very strong opinions about the profession of motherhood, how it is regarded in the US, and what some women who practice it expect of themselves. She posts regularly on her blog, Breathing in This Life, and has kindly allowed me to excerpt some of a particularly compelling post here: [...]

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