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The True Cost of Paid Leave for Parents of Newborns

The first objection to a national paid family leave policy in the US is usually about cost. Who would pay for it? Why should the employer pay a worker who isn’t there? Given that such a program would, among other things, allow new parents time to care for their children, is it fair to workers [...]

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Mothers Snowed Under

Would you believe me if I told you that a major snowstorm affects the lives of men and women differently? Could I convince you that there is a gender difference, even in the weather? Let me try. In February, parts of the East Coast had a humongous snowstorm. Nobody could go anywhere for 5 days [...]

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International Women’s Day 2010

March brings us a wealth of data on women and March 8th is International Women’s Day. Your (Wo)Man in Washington observed the occasion by attending an economic briefing on the struggle of women of color to achieve financial stability. By noon, she was crossing Memorial Bridge from Arlington National Cemetary to the Lincoln Memorial with [...]

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Families of the Recession: Unemployed Parents and Their Children

The financial crisis has revealed some hidden truths, along with inflicting a lot of economic pain. For example, we know that the paid workforce is more female than male, that fewer women’s jobs have benefits, (including health insurance), and that women’s wages are essential to the household budget. While there’s lots of worry to go [...]

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