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Gender Discrimination or Lifestyle Choice – You Decide!

HuffPo has a fascinating article about gender pay disparity and its causes – discrimination against women, or simply differing life style choices? A wonderful piece, but make sure you read all the way to the end. There’s a surprise! You’ll find it here: Examining the Defense of Family Values and Unequal Pay for Women Something [...]

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Working for Money Outside the Home, After Working for No Money Inside the Home

Most women return to paid work at some point after they have children. The need to explain her time at home can trouble a mother when she looks for a job. “When women talk about their time home with their kids they’re apologetic and downplay the time off, rather than highlighting the skills they’ve learned.” [...]

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What Should Society Do For Parents?

Let’s face facts: raising children costs money, and lots of it. Parenthood has economic consequences, and they extend far beyond the family home. If women decide having children is too perilous an undertaking, and fewer children are born, our nation will suffer. Public policy, or how the laws of the land hinder or help parents [...]

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