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Who is in charge of your maternity care?

Womens Enews reports that maternity wards and obstetric units are closing across the country. Depending on where you live, and whether or not you have health insurance, you could be far away from the medical care you need. The number of babies born in the US has remained stable, at just over 4 million a [...]

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A Gender Revolution in Economics

Last week I saw a column in Market Watch written by Paul Farrell, about impending changes in access to wealth and power. It’s a fascinating theory and I’ve been preoccupied by it for a week. What do you think? Capitalism is moving closer to a final meltdown,a catastrophe much worse than the shaking of markets [...]

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Part-Time Work; Still Just for Women?

One factor limiting women’s economic security is the approach to part-time work in the US. It has the reputation of being poorly paid (true), mostly done by students, (false), and performed by those who don’t really depend upon the income (also false). Part-time workers do not receive the protections of numerous state and federal laws, [...]

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The 112th Congress – Still an Old Boys’ Club

The ladies and gentlemen of 112th US Congress have been sworn in. Do you know how many of them look like you? How many share your experiences and convictions? Do you trust them to make decisions which will shape and influence your life, and your family’s personal and economic security? Would you guess that the [...]

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