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March in the Rear View Mirror

Women’s History Month is drawing to a close, but there’s time to sneak in a few comments before we wake up and find it’s April already. In recent weeks, two notable women have died. Elizabeth Taylor left as her legacy decades of activism and outspoken advocacy, saying what many in politics were too afraid to [...]

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The Mother/Scholar and On-Campus Child Care

A young mother wrote me some time ago asking if there were any Mothers’ Centers on college campuses. She wanted to connect with students who were also raising children, facing coursework and degree requirements at the same time. I regrettably had to say no, not yet. I had no idea how many student/parents there were, [...]

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The Icing or The Cake?

Opponents of paid family leave object to its expense and its tedious implementation. They may grudgingly agree that yeah, it would be nice, but insist we just can’t afford it. This argument has been made so loudly for so long it has lodged into the public consciousness. Paid family leave is seen as a perk, [...]

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Working Mother Guilt

Work, guilt, stress. Why does this afflict women more than men? One study says it’s because women are more likely to be the family caregiver, and they absorb the stress of those around them, and yet feel compelled to respond to every email, phone call, or message from work. The authors of this Canadian study [...]

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Women’s Empowerment in an Age of Illness, Part 2

This is the second of a two part series by guest blogger, Ginger Garner, an educator and expert in medical therapeutic yoga and women’s health. Her full bio can be found in the introduction to Part 1. In the last post, I discussed the health related reasons that cause women to be put at a [...]

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