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Mr. Mom vs. Mom – Double Standard?

I got a letter from a reader who was up in the middle of the night stewing over praise heaped on men when they are seen to be caring for their children.  Her frustration practically leaps off the screen as she insists mothers don’t get the same public empathy fathers do.  This is what she says: [...]

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Motherhood Can Make You Crazy

What is it, exactly, that makes you nearly unrecognizable to yourself when you become a mother?  It’s almost like falling through a portal into another dimension.  The experience is so completely transforming.  I didn’t really fully integrate all the different aspects of myself until 12 years into motherhood, when I got away, truly alone, for [...]

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For Mothers Who Do Too Much

Nine mothers walk into a movieplex to watch their lives on screen in “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. The movie bears scant resemblance to their daily experience. So the nine mothers duck into a nearby watering hole and do exactly what you’d expect. They order a pitcher of sangria and talk about it.  [...]

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The Land of (Unequal) Opportunity

The weather changed literally overnight.  Yesterday it was shorts and sunglasses.  Today it’s socks and sweaters, and some serious statistics about what mothers are facing as they try to raise their kids and take care of their families. The latest poverty numbers from the US Census Bureau show what an uneven playing field we have [...]

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Flung Into Fall

Children back in school, beach toys put away, sweaters and jackets located, and this woman is back in Washington. While I ease my way back into my  wonky life, here are a couple of short reads I set aside for you over the summer. The first is one of mine that appeared on my friend [...]

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