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Come to the Mom Congress

Parenting Magazine and Georgetown University are planning the 2012 Mom Congress, and you can be there.  This annual event connects mothers who’ve made a difference in their local schools to experts and education advocates in Wasington DC.    The three day event takes place from April 29 – May 1, 2012, which is the most gorgeous time [...]

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Fantasy State of the Union

My sister Americans: The state of our union is strong.  Electing women to fully 51% of public offices has ushered in a new era in our great experiment in democracy.  Legislators now put the common good ahead of their personal power and individual gain.  We, men and women together, make better policy decisions and make them faster [...]

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Change & Opportunity

Mothers have a genius for on-the-spot problem solving.  Sizing up a looming crisis in a nanosecond, we flip through our mental list of optional responses, then implement, discard, and substitute possible solutions until the crisis is resolved and order restored.  Every single day mothers meet multiple opportunities for this kind of “rapid response” engagement head on.  As the days multiply and the children [...]

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The Best Job in the World

Why ease in to 2012 when we can take a flying leap directly into the epicenter of the maternal conflict?  Sister blogger ButIDoHaveALawDegree  graciously permits me to run her latest post here, in full, and I’m certain it will strike a major chord with you.  I’ve not read a better expression of the  maternal angst [...]

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