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Paid Leave Is Good for Economy

Paid Leave Is Good for Economy

Hot off the presses – a new report finds access to paid leave following the birth or adoption of a child reduces the likelihood that a family will be forced to resort to public support or food stamps.  Rutgers University and the National Partnership for Women & Families have analyzed data in the  five U.S. states with [...]

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Ann Romney and the Caring Economy: The Politics of Motherhood

By:  Riane Eisler and Valerie Young Who says partisan politics only results in division, discord, and gridlock?  After this week’s media frenzy over whether or not Ann Romney was “working” when she raised five boys, a consensus of sorts has emerged.  Both Democrats and Republicans agree unreservedly that childrearing is a very important activity, valuable [...]

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Parenting from Street Level

Your (Wo)Man in Washington has been laid low for a short time, but will return fit as fiddle shortly.  In the meantime, here’s a great piece from Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak about a parent who manages with less than ideal circumstances – a homeless father with his infant daughter.  Parenting is hard, no matter [...]

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photo courtesy of Janice Lynch Schuster

The Boss, The Big Man, Loss…and Caregiving

While I hunt for those last elusive hidden eggs, writer and end-of-life issues expert Janice Lynch Schuster graciously permitted me to cross post her thoughtful piece about Bruce, Clarence, aging and care.  It originally appeared on the Disruptive Women in Health Care blog.   When Clarence Clemons died last spring, the air went out of [...]

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