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Climbing the Ladder to Beat the Clock

You would think it would be an easy sell.  There is clearly a correlation between women in executive suites and on corporate boards and higher returns.  When women serve on corporate boards, profits and productivity increase.  Diversity of perspective and experience create better decisions, rigorously tested judgments, and high quality “thought capital”.  The benefits of [...]

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Sister, Can You Spare a Dime? Women & Unemployment Insurance

Like peeling away the layers of an onion, the recession has a way of peeling away the protective layers we put up to buffer ourselves from the bumps and jolts of hard times. When our defenses are gone, it’s easy to see who the most vulnerable people are. Right now in this country, the most [...]

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It’s Not Sexy – It’s Social Security!

Few women get excited about Social Security, the most successful and efficient effort undertaken by the federal government. I know, I know, I’ve heard all the excuses – all those numbers, it’s something retirees worry about, and anyway, it probably won’t even be there when we get old. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. If you [...]

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I’m Just Sayin’…

Is there a connection between the fact that women with children earn less, save less, and have less money in later life and the fact that -   Women occupy 3% of all CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies; Female faculty at US colleges and universities make 82% of what male faculty make, and have for [...]

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Unmarried Women and Predatory Lending

Remember back when the economy was beginning its head-first pitch over the cliff and everyone was talking about subprime mortgages? As policy makers slowly get their heads around preventing such a devastating re-occurrence, they should keep in mind who got taken the worst. Unmarried women, typically the most economically vulnerable group, were most often the [...]

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