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Single Mothers, Double Standard

Single Mothers, Double Standard

A lot of press about single mothers seemed to surface this week, I’m not sure why.  It’s on my radio (NPR, Tell Me More) and in my morning paper (The Difference Between Feeling Like a Single Mom and Being One, WashPost, 4/18,2013). Whatever it used to mean, as an identifier “single mother” it is not very [...]

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“Mother Denied Aid Shoots Children, Self”

So reads a very small headline in today’s Washington Post.  The brief item states that a 38-year-old Texan mother of two was “unable to qualify for food stamps for months.”   She walked into the state welfare office, initiating a seven hour standoff with authorities, during which she shot her 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.  [...]

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The New York Times Should Have Talked to Us

Researchers note that the pay gap between men and women M.B.A.’s has not narrowed as anticipated now that women are just as likely to get graduate degrees and comparable training. The New York Times reports that the culprit is not “a glass ceiling molded from a male prejudice”. No, the reason M.B.A. women don’t go [...]

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To Market, To Market……

I am still thinking about the stimulus plan, and the role “market forces” played in making this mess. In recent years, many thought the economy worked best when it was left to its own devices, free of federal regulation or oversight. The laws of supply and demand would work harmoniously and all would prosper, corporate, [...]

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Me and Caroline Kennedy

When Caroline Kennedy wanted to be considered for Hillary Clinton’s seat in the US Senate, a number of articles appeared presenting her as the icon of mid-life womanhood, returning to the workplace after years spent in the home raising children. To which I thoughtfully responded, “Huh?” A seat in the US Senate is hardly your [...]

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The Stimulus Plan: Why You Should Care, What You Should Know

We face a dire economic crisis. Many of us are losing jobs, our health insurance, our homes, and watching whatever savings we had disappear. Businesses are closing, and households are under severe stress. The U.S. Congress is crafting a wholly unprecedented plan right now to minimize the devastating effect of our snowballing monetary volatility. Among [...]

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