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The FAMILY Act:  Stitching Up a Hole in the Safety Net

The FAMILY Act: Stitching Up a Hole in the Safety Net

I will be strapping on my snow boots and slogging up the Hill later this week to see star legislators Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Rosa DeLauro introduce a bill that would provide most workers with 12 weeks of partially paid leave for a birth, adoption, or to deal with their own or a family member’s serious medical [...]

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How We Live Now, and What It Means for the Future

If you think the typical American household is straight, married parents living with their kids, you are so last century! The “nuclear family” model actually fits a mere 20 percent of  U.S. households. Recent data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in the past 40 years, both men and women are waiting longer to [...]

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To Birth, Or Not To Birth?

To Birth, Or Not To Birth?

It’s all about who is having babies – or perhaps more accurately, who is NOT having babies. The declining birth rate in the U.S. prompted much discussion, some of which you’ll find below. The only thing the writers agree on is that fewer women are opting to become mothers. Arguments differ as to why motherhood has [...]

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Banana Peels and Beach Parties

Written by MOTHERS volunteer Kelly Coyle DiNorcia ( was recently discussing with my husband the legendary status he has achieved among the members of my moms’ group. When I was away giving a workshop, my beloved partner was home with my four-year-old daughter (I took the baby with me) and he simply cracked under the [...]

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Economic Stimulus Bill’s Impact on Women and Their Families

Written Guest Blogger and Mothers Center member Linda ManeyPresident Obama has signed the stimulus bill into law. The economic rescue package, known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the “Act”), is designed to ‘jump-start’ the economy. The Act addresses many issues of concern for women and children. Such issues include early education, [...]

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To Market, To Market……

I am still thinking about the stimulus plan, and the role “market forces” played in making this mess. In recent years, many thought the economy worked best when it was left to its own devices, free of federal regulation or oversight. The laws of supply and demand would work harmoniously and all would prosper, corporate, [...]

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Power to the Mommies!

Contributed by MOTHERS volunteer and guest blogger Kelly Coyle DiNorciaWhen my daughter was 7 months old, she and I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Miami Beach. We welcomed the opportunity to escape the cold northeast and spend a little time digging our toes in the sand and absorbing some Vitamin D. I [...]

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Just a Mom?

Contributed by MOTHERS volunteer and guest blogger Rosanne Weston.I’ve been reading about the anger at the so-called “momification” of Michelle Obama – the softening of all her high-powered career woman history in favor of her role as helpmeet, mother and foundation of the Obama family. It is the only incarnation of this strong woman of [...]

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Creating an America that Works for Mothers & Families

Contributed by MOTHERS volunteer and guest blogger Kelly Coyle DiNorciaThis weekend I attended the DC Green Festival and had the pleasure of hearing a lecture given by Sharif Abdullah, author of Creating a World That Works for All. (Or, more accurately, I had the pleasure of seeing some of his talk – after a weekend [...]

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