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Guest Post:  A Call for Reform – FMLA Didn’t Work For Me

Guest Post: A Call for Reform – FMLA Didn’t Work For Me

As the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act focuses attention on how unnecessarily hard it is to be both a worker and a mother or other family caregiver, Danelle Buchman writes of her own experience. She was a part-time employee at a organization too small to be covered by FMLA when she became [...]

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Happy Birthday to the Family Medical Leave Act!

Happy Birthday to the Family Medical Leave Act!

Wonky Washington is making merry about the 20th anniversary of President Clinton’s signing of the Family Medical Leave. This was the federal law that required some employers to allow some employees to take up to 12 weeks away from work, without pay, to deal with the birth or adoption of  a child, a family member’s serious [...]

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Free Riding on Women – Part One

When you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the whacked-out wonk world which is Washington, you pick up on the wind shifts quickly. The topic of carework, what it costs and who’s paying, is popping up more often and in increasingly provocative language these days. Lately I’ve been looking at “Free Riding on Families: [...]

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It Only Looked Like Business As Usual

Another Hill hearing room, fresh-faced staffers buzzing in the background, Congressmen and women at their microphones, witnesses seated at the witness table. June 11 was just another day for the Nation’s Capital of the World’s Greatest Democracy. Except it wasn’t. The bills in question would make paid leave a reality for (at least some) American [...]

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