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“The Wealth of a Nation Starts in a Woman’s Womb”

“When we are mothers we have access to important insight, wisdom and compassion. For that reason ,we must insert ourselves into these broader conversations.  And we must do so fearlessly.”   I recently discovered a motherhood blogger who styles herself “The Ultimate Outcast”.  Like me and a lot of women, she read Ann Crittenden’s “The Price of [...]

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Is Mother in the House…..and Senate?

Mother’s Day became my favorite holiday exactly 14 years ago—the first one I observed as a mother in my own right. It followed on the heels of my realization that no amount of education, professional experience, personal achievement, or effort would insulate me from the disadvantages of being an American woman. Since that time, I’ve [...]

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Motherhood is Political

Women around the world speak different languages, practice different religions, and live in an endless variety of circumstances, yet motherhood is a significant unifier. It is perhaps the greatest common experience in our global human endeavor, and it is women alone who share it. Motherhood can be a radicalizing event, notwithstanding the pastel colors, teddy [...]

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