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Women and the Arts (Women’s History Month Part I)

Women and the Arts (Women’s History Month Part I)

The best thing about March is the annual outpouring of information about women.  This year’s rich harvest includes some terrific profiles of women’s work in photography, theater, and museum leadership.   Make no mistake – new ground is being broken here, and we are still seeing many “firsts”. My own WHM observance began last week, at the National Geographic’s [...]

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Is Mother in the House…..and Senate?

Mother’s Day became my favorite holiday exactly 14 years ago—the first one I observed as a mother in my own right. It followed on the heels of my realization that no amount of education, professional experience, personal achievement, or effort would insulate me from the disadvantages of being an American woman. Since that time, I’ve [...]

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I’m Just Sayin’…

Is there a connection between the fact that women with children earn less, save less, and have less money in later life and the fact that -   Women occupy 3% of all CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies; Female faculty at US colleges and universities make 82% of what male faculty make, and have for [...]

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The 30% Solution

Author Linda Tarr-Whelan unveiled her new book, “Women Who Lead the Way”, at a recent congressional briefing. Under the shadow of the Capitol dome, she explained her “30% solution” to problem-solving and decision-making. When women occupy 30% of any entity setting policy, they can influence the agenda, affect priorities, and bring their own particular skill [...]

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