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You Flex First: Reflections on Workforce Re-Entry by a Mother Who Never Fully Entered in the First Place

(Your (Wo)Man in Washington has stepped out to enjoy the glorious cherry trees and our capital city in its spring finery. She has turned her keyboard over to new MOTHERS member Jennifer L. G. Minear, for a guest post on workplace flexibility, the subject of a first-ever forum at the White House this week.) A [...]

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The True Cost of Paid Leave for Parents of Newborns

The first objection to a national paid family leave policy in the US is usually about cost. Who would pay for it? Why should the employer pay a worker who isn’t there? Given that such a program would, among other things, allow new parents time to care for their children, is it fair to workers [...]

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Paid Leave for the US

I’ve written here before about Jody Heymann’s work in Raising the Global Floor: Dismantling the Myth that We Can’t Afford Good Working Conditions for Everyone. The only reason we don’t have paid leave in this country as a basic minimum standard is because we have not yet insisted upon it. Here is Jody making the [...]

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Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE) in the US Capitol

This week on the Hill, members of the Work, Family and Health Network presented their findings at a congressional briefing about the intersection of workplace policy and workers’ health and well-being. When employees face conflict between work and family obligations, there is an increase in their stress level, greater risk of heart disease, and a [...]

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Work Environments that Work for Families

Written by MOTHERS volunteer Kelly Coyle DiNorcia ( Before I became a mother, I spent long hours in the office. I probably logged sixty or seventy hours a week as an administrator for a non-profit organization on average – during busy times it was more than that and less during the slower months. When I [...]

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The Opting Out Myth

The US Senate decreed in 2003 that October be designated Work and Family Month. This year’s observance started off with a BANG this morning with the Washington Post announcing on its front page that the “opt out revolution”, i.e. working women leaving the board room for the play room, was a myth. Based on US [...]

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The New York Times Should Have Talked to Us

Researchers note that the pay gap between men and women M.B.A.’s has not narrowed as anticipated now that women are just as likely to get graduate degrees and comparable training. The New York Times reports that the culprit is not “a glass ceiling molded from a male prejudice”. No, the reason M.B.A. women don’t go [...]

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Family Leave Insurance Bill Rises Again

This just in from our Washington Bureau…..Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey of California intends to introduce her paid family leave bill, called the FIRST Act, in a few days. The bill provides grants to states who implement a paid family leave insurance program. Maybe this time the bill won’t land on the marble floor of Congress with [...]

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