Eighty-Nine Years – and Counting

On this day, 89 years ago, the 19th amendment was ratified.

A moment of pause while we offer a silent prayer of thanks to the sisterhood of suffragettes and the suffragists whose sacrifice, suffering, and dedication made this possible.

And this morning, a headline from today’s Washington Post, front page, above the fold:

While one may certainly wonder at the fact that attention to women is so rare it qualifies as “news”, I prefer to exult in the path to power women have forged and apply the positve energy that engenders to pressing forward our objectives.

About Valerie Young

Valerie Young is a public policy analyst who focuses on the economic status of mothers and other family caregivers. She promotes social justice by arming mothers with information and a healthy dose of outrage. She is the Advocacy Coordinator at the National Association of Mothers' Centers, and is a reporter for The Shriver Report and contributor to Brain/Child Magazine. Follow her blog, Your (Wo)Man in Washington, on Twitter @WomanInDC and on Facebook as Valerie Young and Your (Wo)Man in Washington.


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