Respectful Parenting, Transforming the World

When I became a mother, everything changed. For a while, the center of my world was a warm, soft, remarkable creature that cooed and cried in my arms. The utter wonder of my baby had me totally enthralled. We existed in a velvety world of love, sleep-deprivation, short-term memory loss, and laundry. Then, of course, [...]

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What Mothers Want Conference Oct. 19 at Rutgers

Your (Wo)man in Washington joins Rutgers Poli Sci professor Jocelyn Crowley at Rutgers University on October 19, 2010, to present a conference on mothers, paid work and carework. This post explains the origins of the conference and what you can expect. We see it all around us: mothers are harried, overworked, and encounter endless obstacles [...]

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Top Companies for Working Mothers

Your (Wo)Man in Washington welcomes guest blogger Alisa Gilbert who writes on the topics of bachelors degree. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: Working mothers know how hard it is to juggle both career and parenting duties. But according to Working Mother Magazine, thanks to certain companies like Dell, March of Dimes [...]

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Student Loans – Would You Believe, It’s A Gender Issue!

MOTHERS member and guest blogger Kelly Coyle DiNorcia is the author of today’s post. She is raising two children, living sustainably, teaching and applying her graduate degrees in education and neuroscience in all aspects of her life. You can follow her at her blog AhimsaMama.This morning I was listening to a story on NPR discussing [...]

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Grandparents and Family Carework

The White House observed Grandparents’ Day today with a gathering of advocates and policy analysts focused on the varied roles seniors play in families and communities. Barack Obama was interested in making a splash – he is, after all, currently a part of a multi-generational household, relying on his mother-in-law to help look after his [...]

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Raising the Retirement Age Is Cutting Benefits by the Back Door

Everybody in Washington is obsessed with the deficit. It’s a serious issue with far reaching implications, to be sure. One of the ideas being batted about is that raising the retirement age will save on “entitlement costs” and decrease our national debts in an equitable and acceptable way. Many feminist economists, social scientists, and women’s [...]

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In Memoriam – Dr. Elise Boulding and Waging Peace

Your (Wo)man in Washington keeps an eye on the obituaries in her daily paper as one way to monitor the status of women in society. Mostly, men receive the “mini biography” treatment with a few paragraphs about their life and work and perhaps an accompanying photo. Photos of women are less common, so the picture [...]

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Gender Discrimination or Lifestyle Choice – You Decide!

HuffPo has a fascinating article about gender pay disparity and its causes – discrimination against women, or simply differing life style choices? A wonderful piece, but make sure you read all the way to the end. There’s a surprise! You’ll find it here: Examining the Defense of Family Values and Unequal Pay for Women Something [...]

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Working for Money Outside the Home, After Working for No Money Inside the Home

Most women return to paid work at some point after they have children. The need to explain her time at home can trouble a mother when she looks for a job. “When women talk about their time home with their kids they’re apologetic and downplay the time off, rather than highlighting the skills they’ve learned.” [...]

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What Should Society Do For Parents?

Let’s face facts: raising children costs money, and lots of it. Parenthood has economic consequences, and they extend far beyond the family home. If women decide having children is too perilous an undertaking, and fewer children are born, our nation will suffer. Public policy, or how the laws of the land hinder or help parents [...]

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