Helicopter Mothers Take A Hit

MOTHERS member Jennifer Minear picked up the Sunday paper two weeks ago and received an unexpected jolt from an article on parenting styles and their alleged consequences. She felt a lot better after writing this post as a guest blogger, and we’re happy to bring it to you. On July 4, 2010, The Washington Post [...]

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"The Price of Motherhood" Revisited

As July 12 is my birthday, I’m turning the keyboard aboard over to our latest MOTHERS member, Laura LaMonica of Stella, North Carolina. She’s a freshly minted Ed.D. and recently just happened to be reading The Price of Motherhood by our very own Ann Crittenden. You’ll find below her fresh take on this book which [...]

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Guest Post: "Economic Role of Parents Devalued"

Your (Wo)Man in Washington welcomes guest blogger Amy Peake, a mother, lawyer, and writer. She has graciously allowed me to crosspost an opinion piece of hers that recently appeared in The Birmingham News. MY VIEW: Economic role of parents devaluedBy Special to The Birmingham News May 30, 2010, 5:35AMBy AMY PEAKE Theodore Roosevelt, father of [...]

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The Part Time Worker Blues

There are many different reasons women and mothers get the short end of the stick in our social order, but a major factor has to be how part-time work is structured in this country. This is a big part of the reason women’s earnings and women’s wealth trails that of men so dramatically. The US [...]

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Cutting Social Security Hurts Mothers Most

Our friends at Wider Opportunities for Women are hosting a “Budget Matters” Blogging Day on Wednesday, May 26. They challenged me to blog about two questions: “What can President Obama and Congress do to help Americans be economically secure while balancing the budget? And what do President Obama and Congress need to know about your [...]

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Who Is Giving Birth In the US?

New data from the Pew Research Center reveal some surprising changes in the decisions women make about marriage and family. Over the past 20 years, non-Hispanic white women had fewer children, and now account for just over half of US births. The birthrate among black teenage girls has fallen by 50%, and there are more [...]

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Potty Parity in Federal Buildings

Your (Wo)Man in Washington made a joke in her last column about the first act of female legislators being to double the number of stalls in every public women’s restroom by federal statute. Imagine her suprise when a House committee convened a hearing this week on requiring newly constructed or renovated federal buildings to have [...]

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Is Mother in the House…..and Senate?

Mother’s Day became my favorite holiday exactly 14 years ago—the first one I observed as a mother in my own right. It followed on the heels of my realization that no amount of education, professional experience, personal achievement, or effort would insulate me from the disadvantages of being an American woman. Since that time, I’ve [...]

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Mother is a Verb

Mother is a Verb

Mother… care… wash… wipe… love… warn… kiss… hold… encourage… read… feed… cook… tell… pray… worry… give… teach… listen… adapt… hug… launder… work… load… birth… clean… sweep… sing… beam… talk… unload… drive… nurture… protect… rock… bend… soothe… coax… calm… cool… push… lift… clasp… yell… walk. Walk. Walk a Mile for Mothers Become a member of my [...]

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Equal Pay Day and the Marlboro Man

Equal Pay Day is just around the corner, so it’s a good time to take stock once again of how women’s earnings compare with those of men. Your (Wo)Man in Washington has buried her nose in so many economic reports, federal statistical surveys, and stacks of mind-numbing data, she feels entitled to confidently assert the [...]

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