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Mothers and the Market

Most of the time, we think about marriage as a personal relationship. We strive to keep the spark, resolve  the inevitable conflicts peacefully, protect our “couple time” and carve out some “me time.” Much less attention is paid to the other transactions that can occur in marriage, such as raising the children, providing the shelter, [...]

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Fantasy State of the Union

My sister Americans: The state of our union is strong.  Electing women to fully 51% of public offices has ushered in a new era in our great experiment in democracy.  Legislators now put the common good ahead of their personal power and individual gain.  We, men and women together, make better policy decisions and make them faster [...]

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Unemployment Among Husbands and Wives

Does it make a difference whether it is the husband or the wife who is unemployed? Most definitely, says Heather Boushey, feminist economist extraordinaire here in Washington DC. It affects how much money comes into the home, and suggests that action is needed to close the gap between men’s and women’s earnings. Heather’s recent report, [...]

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